Our clients are the ultimate last-minute planners and no matter what, ICC has come through for us again and again. It is almost like having a flight attendant on staff!! The flight attendants are the best in the business, and have become an integral part of our team.

- Kelly Verlatti
Executive Services, Senior Manager

My experience with ICC has been positive and that is why we continue to use this service. All our needs are met in a way that ICC understands and has always accommodated. We enjoy the services provided by their members when they are on duty with us. The same sentiment has been expressed to me by our principals. We lack the time to shop these services. When we have a need for a contractor we cannot afford problems or issues. Also ICC ensures Workmen’s Compensation compliance. They have been 100 % reliable and cost are fully disclosed and consistent. Individuals, that we have specifically requested, are made available to us with no problems. I would recommend ICC because they are professional, high quality crewmembers that do the job right!

- Billy Witcher
Chief Pilot

ICC Flight Attendants are well trained, personable and dependable. They are true professionals who do not require close supervision. ICC Flight Attendants are a joy to work with. Thanks!

- Brad Hawkins
Chief Pilot

Over the past several years, Inflight Crew Connections has provided our company with professional, well trained Flight Attendants who were able to adapt to our company’s procedures very quickly. ICC has provided us with personnel that have been reliable and conscientious, and that have fit into our flight department as if they were full time employees.

- M. Merrill
Gulfstream Standards Captain

Our Company’s association with In-Flight-Crew Connections has solved a myriad of issues we had previously faced with temporary pilot services. Not only have their crewmembers exhibited high degrees of professional competence in the performance of their duties but they all have had proper recurrent training, strong customer service skills, and are a seamless fit into our operational routines. We have avoided the pit falls of “contract crew” by letting a third party properly vet them for tax liabilities, workers compensation, and proper background checks. I would look toward In-Flight-Crew Connections to solve any temporary crew service need. When you need help you really need help and when that time comes; In-Flight delivers!

- J. Bruce Huffman
Director of Aviation

We have used the services of In-Flight Crew Connections since 2002; we have been provided the services of flight attendants, pilots, and maintenance technicians. All personnel have been outstanding in all respects – specifically, professionalism, attitude, and performance. For supplemental personnel, it is not an easy task to move into an existing culture; Jennifer’s folks have done this routinely and almost seamlessly. They have represented the Flight Department in an extremely positive manner with internal and external customers. In-Flight has been very flexible and cooperative in defining requirements, selecting individual personnel, and following up with post-work evaluations of those individuals. I would invite anyone to contact me for more specifics.

- Pete Oatis
Director of Flight Operations

We use In-Flight Crew Connections for several reasons. They always manage to respond to our requirements quickly. Sometimes with incredibly short notice. Their people are trained and highly experienced. They satisfy the FAR requirements we face with the G-550, and they are covered by In-Flight’s Worker’s Compensation which keeps our insurance carrier happy when audit time comes. You just tell them what you need and rest assured they will keep you covered.

- Jimmy Jack

“When we were faced with a huge increase in our need for professional flight attendants we turned to In-Flight Crew Connections. Their response and flexibility in working with us quickly solved our problem. Without exception, their people are the best.”

- Glen Knight
Director of Operations

Your service in providing flight attendants for our world-wide flights has been excellent. We are very pleased with In-Flight Crew Connections!

- Roc Miles
Director Corporate Flight Operations

We have just recently started using In-Flight Crew Connections and have found their staff to be professional, friendly, and always willing to accommodate our request (even on sometimes short notice!). In-Flight Crew Connections has been a great help to our Flight Department and we would recommend them to anyone!

- Jenni Green

What I like best about you and your service is that you have never say, “No” to any of our requests. You have always been there for me and my crew. Being the only flight attendant in our company, that is very important to us. You are great!

- Bill Crossey
Chief Flight Attendant

Inflight Crew Connections has been a great help on short notice for our contract maintenance needs that along with no long term commitment required makes getting the people I need in and out with little hassle.  Jennifer and her company stepped in when our company was in a time of need and helped provide quality aviation professionals to fill the holes in our flight department. They connected us with both flight crew members and maintenance members. The folks they found for us were experienced and professional people who were able to jump right into our operation. InFlight CrewConnections made a difficult situation a little more bearable helped us not miss trips for our company’s executives.”

- Daniel Elliott
Director of Aviation Maintenance

We have been using ICC for over four years and we are very happy with our relationship. We tried doing it ourselves for many years and everyone who has done this knows it’s not the way to get things done. The way they choose a crew member for your operation is by all of your personalities and it has always worked for us. Everyone ICC sends us we know they are professional, well trained, courteous, and ready to do the job. Give them a call your organization will be glad you did. I highly recommend ICC. They really make it easy.

- Tom Lovingood
Chief Pilot

ICC is the best… One call is all it takes…the courteous staff does all the work to provide professional crewmembers at a very reasonable rate. Thank you for your years of service to us!

- George M. Sellers, Jr.
Manager - Flight Coordination